Unlocking Potential

Every job brings unique opportunities to refine, shape and streamline production.

Not all castings are born equal

The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly. Advances in new technology impact production at every single stage of the process, creating opportunities to unlock more casting potential from your components than ever before.


When your company’s reputation depends on the integrity of your components, you need to stay at the cutting-edge of manufacturing possibility.


We harness the power of new technology to unlock the full casting potential of every component, at each stage of the process.


We combine a unique insight that comes from tapping into over 70 years of foundry and engineering knowledge and experience with a fresh approach to manufacturing.

The 3rd generation of Drysdale foundry and precision engineering specialists.

Developing strong, long-term manufacturing partnerships with our customers.

Working with you to unlock more casting potential from your components.


What does investment actually look like? At Drysdale Brothers, it’s a process of continual improvement that enables us to stay at the cutting-edge of manufacturing possibility.

Constantly evolving, harnessing the power of new machinery, hardware and software.

Shaping and refining our production line to take advantage of the latest equipment.

Keeping key design and engineering skills in-house to deliver all aspects of production.


Investment is the key to creating an efficient manufacturing platform but it takes a innovative team of natural born problem solvers and engineers to get the most out of it.

Solving problems before they arise with the power of predictive casting software.

Streamlining casting production with fully automated manufacturing techniques.

Combining computer aided design with in-house tooling and rapid prototyping.