The following article is an example of how we are using 3D sand printing technology to assist our customers.

Sand Printed Impeller Core

We were recently approached by one of our customers who had an urgent requirement for 10 impellers for which we did not hold tooling.

The required delivery date for the project meant that there was not time to produce a new pattern and core box.

The only practical solution was to utilise 3D sand printing technology to achieve a rapid turnaround.

On receipt of the order CAD models were produced of the mould and core that would be needed for production. The order was placed with our sand printing partners on a 5 working day turnaround.

Sand Printed Impeller Cores

the cores were delivered ready for casting at the start of week 2. The mould and core assemblies were laid out on the casting platform. Gunmetal was then poured in to the mould and left to cool.

The 3D printing process allows complex vane geometry to be produced without joint lines. The result is a very neat casting which requires minimal fettling.

After a full dimensional inspection the castings were taken to our CNC Machine Shop.

Machined Impellers

The finished impellers were inspected to drawing and dispatched to our customer within the time it would have taken to produce conventional tooling

If you have a requirement for a rapid cast prototype contact us here!